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For Schools-non green programs also available

 Now Jurdy offers dynamic  programs with the mascot
at the helm to give kids confidence and tips on how to be positive
about life and/or the planet! The programs vary according to needs, but it can include live music and singing and dancing with the mascot!

Email jurdy@jurdy.com for more info

Grin & wear it!
Keep positive

Jurdy School Administrators Program Overview

Jurdy offers a uniquely engaging programs for children of all ages to teach them how to be the best they can be… for themselves, others and the planet. Jurdy is now available to every school who wants to engage students with Jurdy as a coach!! Jurdy can help kids engage more at school in math, science, the environment, being active…  and all topics! WE ALSO DO ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAMS!


Corporate sponsorships

are a great way to increase awareness of your brand while helping the community.

- customer PR
- employee motivation
- household penetration
- community relations
- strengthening schools






Be a corporate sponsor

Contact Jurdy for more information at info@jurdy.com

get grinning.

get greening.